AT Home Care Sponsors Kids at Basketball Games

VCU basketball is always exciting.  Sitting so close to the court and watching those guys rebound and
hustle before your eyes is thrilling for any fan, let alone a 13 year old kid.  Getting more kids who normally
wouldn’t be able to see a game due to financial situations and lack of transportation was the goal behind
VCU’s RAY program, of which AT Home Care is the leading sponsor this year.  The program provides
free tickets to underprivileged kids who are part of various programs in the Richmond Metropolitan area.

“Getting kids to appreciate sports is the first step in getting them to play them”, says Ed Kassab,
who himself has coached basketball for young kids for over 5 years.  Ed, the president of the home care agency
is a huge fan of VCU and rarely misses a home game.  Team sports teach a child so much in terms of
cooperation and discipline which can carry over into their everyday lives.  “We hope that this small opportunity to
watch some local athletes  excel in their game will raise their interest and motivation to get involved in
a sport…whether it be basketball, track or any other sport.  The more they are involved in practice, the less time they
have to get into trouble”.  It’s a win- win situation for the kids and the organizations that support them.  It so rewarding to
see the excitement on their faces at a game.

In home health care, we at AT Home Care focus on the elderly and disabled, but the RAY Program gives us an opportunity to focus on giving back to the youth of Richmond.  Go Rams!

Continuing Education is Important to AT Home Care

As part of the ever changing health care community, we at AT Home Care are always striving to keep up with advancements in medicine and physical therapy.
It is essential that our medical staff is given the opportunity to advance their skills and take advantage of educational opportunities.  Since we have some of the best nurses and PTs around, we have decided to draw upon our own resources and expertise by organizing some of our own training programs.  Why spend time searching when you have the best close to home?  These programs are organized not only for AT Home Care clinicians, but also for clinicians practicing outside the company who need CEUs as required by Center for Medicare Services.  Our latest seminar has been developed for Physical Therapists and Assistants and will be held March 18th, in Richmond.  It will be led by our own David Lawrence, MSPT ATC. !  He will focus on “Human Gait Pathologies”.  We are lucky to have such a gifted physical therapist and amputee specialist. It’s a great opportunity to have dinner with fellow therapists, take advantage of an economical educational program and get those required CEUs!  For more information contact: Sue Briggs, Rehabilitation Coordinator at 804 359-3400, or email

Employee Benefits Outstanding at AT Home Care

Due to the nature of our industry, our home care clinicians are on the road most of the day visiting patients and driving to our other AT Home Care offices. We began leasing vehicles for our full time employees almost 3 years ago but have wanted to expand and upgrade our fleet as a part of our employee benefits package. In December, we were finally able to make it a reality! After a lot of research, we chose the Chevrolet Aveos both for their mileage and technology (specifically the OnStar navigation). In keeping with our commitment to environmental stewardship, Ed Kassab, CEO has invested in a Carbon Offset program with Terrapass, a national conservation credit company to further reduce the carbon footprint of these vehicles. As part of the employee benefits package, we include all gas and insurance expenditures for every one of our leased vehicles. Employees seem genuinely impressed with the new cars as well as our effort to reduce green house gases.

We’re excited for the opportunities this will bring to everyone under the umbrella of AT Home Care. Now if only gas prices would stay low!”