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An Aging Population And Increasing Hospital Costs Lead More People to In Home Health Care

As the population ages, and hospitals cut back on their stays, more people will be looking to home health care as an alternative.  Did you know that home care is approximately two-thirds of the cost of hospital or nursing home care? The pace and unfamiliar surroundings of a hospital or nursing home can be confusing.  Not only is the financial burden of a hospital stay alleviated with home care, studies show that patients with home care often enjoy a faster rate of recovery.  As the largest privately held home health care agency in Virginia, AT Home Care offers comprehensive, skilled nursing and occupational, speech and physical therapy care with clinicians trained in the latest medical advancements. AT Home Care’s outstanding customer service is evident in all aspects of our care.  Patients undergoing joint replacement operations will be reassured to know that one of our highly trained therapists will visit them before the surgery. Our staff provides a written preoperative evaluation to the orthopedic surgeon, which helps to determine the best post-operative level of rehabilitation. Our physical therapists include specialists in neurological, orthopedic, geriatric, joint replacement and amputation therapy. AT Home Care is proud of its “Stepping Back to Life” program which was developed for amputees and, also, offers individualized therapy for patients with complex medical issues. Our goal is to help you reach your maximum health in the comfortable surroundings of your own home.

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