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Benefits of In-Home Therapy and Rehabilitation

Therapy and rehabilitation are a suggested treatment and preventative method for people with a number of medical conditions. A person may be preparing for, or recovering from, surgery, and needs pre and post-operative therapy. They may be dealing with a debilitating disease or disability. Others need assistance because chronic illnesses are affecting their mobility and physical abilities. In whatever circumstance, the burden of traveling to and from a therapy facility can almost be too much to handle. This is why in-home therapies are becoming a popular choice for those that need it most. Benefits of in-home therapy include:
  • Convenience – There is no coordinating of rides or travel time required. It also isn’t necessary to wait for your appointment.
  • Energy saving – When you are ill, disabled or recovering from surgery, the last thing you want is to spend your energy getting up/down stairs or in/out of the car. In home therapy allows patients to save their energy for other aspects of life.
  • Fully functional – Not only is the therapist teaching the patient new techniques, he or she is doing it in the patient’s home – a completely realistic, practical environment.
  • Encouraging & supportive – The familiarity of the same therapist is comforting to patients, and the partnership formed offers a unique type of support.

In-Home Therapy and Rehabilitation Results

Home-based therapies are physically and emotionally motivating for patients. Most patients note that they are more satisfied with their quality of life when receiving care in the home. Many times, patients who receive in-home therapy versus going to a facility are quicker to regain independence and perform personal and household tasks. Depending on their condition, they may also be less likely to seek admission into long-term care facilities as they age.

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