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The Grief Survival Kit

Let yourself grieve. It’s important to let yourself take this roller coaster ride and feel your emotions rather than suppress them. No matter how hard you try to bury those feelings of grief, they will continue to resurface, and you won’t be able to truly move on. Start the healing process by giving into grief. Lean on friends and family. Your friends and family expect you to be upset. While they may not always know the right things to do or say, they do want to be there for you even if it’s just to listen or offer affection. Never…
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Journaling Through the Grief

Journaling while grieving can help you document and process the feelings of grief you are experiencing. As you begin the healing process and reconnecting with who you once were, you may start thinking about or telling yourself things you would want to record. Putting these thoughts and feelings into words can be very beneficial and help in better working through the grief. This is why it is a great idea to keep a grief journal. There are many, different ways you can start to fill up your journal. From creative writing and poetry to journaling and writing letters to your…
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Seniors & The Grieving Process

Dealing with loss is a difficult circumstance for a person of any age. However, seniors have the unfortunate experience of being faced with multiple losses in a short period of time. The magnitude of a series of losses can be devastating for a senior. When we think about seniors and grieving, oftentimes we focus on the loss of a spouse. This life-changing event changes what was once a partnership and makes the remainder of life a solo venture. In many cases, death isn’t the only challenging part of the actual loss. Seniors who lose their spouse may also lose financial…