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Elderly With Diabetes Can Benefit from Exercise

Exercise can bring new life to diabetics.  It is crucial in keeping sugar levels in balance, but a doctor’s check up is first on the list for any age diabetic before beginning an exercise routine.  Begin slowly and build up your routine to a  more rigorous one or a longer time.  Just do it, but don’t over do it. Older patients are more susceptible to physical limitations but they can still develop an exercise routine which can deliver benefits that just as great. Anything from water aerobics to light weight exercises and stretching can improve a person’s physical strength and burn calories.   Seniors are more likely to be homebound and have limited mobility.  Again, there are still many options for limited exercise that can have significant payoffs.  Chair exercises are popular amongst geriatric specialists.  These exercises usually take place sitting in a chair and isolating certain muscles with less stress to other parts of the body. Continuity will produce improved muscle function and endurance, so keep it going.   Finding a partner to exercise with is generally a motivating factor and makes it much more fun. Make sure you share your routine changes with your doctor or home health nurse so that any adjustments in insulin can be updated.

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