Innovative Occupational Therapy at Home Health Care Agency

AT Home Care is on the cutting edge when it comes to new technology and educating their clinicians.  We are extremely proud of our therapy using Neural Muscular Electrical Stimulation technology (Vital Stim) which is used for people with difficulty swallowing. Vital Stim uses small electrical currents to stimulate the muscles responsible for swallowing.  At the same time, trained occupational therapists help patients ”re-educate” their muscles through rehabilitation therapy. It is used often with patients who are suffering from a stroke or other neuromuscular disorder.  There are patients who have had PEG tube feeding for years who never thought they would swallow again.  At the least, the therapy allows them a “pleasure feed” so they may enjoy the taste of food again.  The progress of this occupational therapy has increase dramatically over the last two years.   AT Home Care’s occupational therapists say their reward is almost as great as their patients.

Elderly Must Be Diligent in Flu Prevention

The Center for Disease Control has reported a widespread epidemic of the Flu this season. It came late, but as of mid March the flu was rampant across the U.S.  The information gathered by the CDC indicated that 34 states were suffering from a widespread outbreak of the flu.  The rest of the states were reporting regional cases with only 2 states as having just local outbreaks.  The elderly are the most vulnerable to the flu virus because their immune system is not as strong. Unfortunately the flu can spread easily in group situations such as nursing homes and elder care facilities.  Home health care agencies are not seeing as much of the flu in their elderly patients due to their protection from outside germs as they recover in the comfort of their own homes.  Home health care offers convenient health care as well as added protection against the outside elements during this flu season!

AT Home Care Achieves Ranking Among Top Agencies in the Country

Congratulations to the entire team of AT Home Care!  Our reputation for consistent high quality medical service has been recognized, not only by our referral sources, but also by the HomeCare Elite which awards the top 25% of homecare agencies in the country with this designation.    The list of home health agencies includes only those whose performance measures in quality of care and improvement and financial performance are the best in the nation. The award for 2008 is the 4th consecutive year AT Home Care has attained this ranking!

The quality of care we provide to the elderly and disabled is tracked by the Center for Medicare Services which gives us a score on specific care delivered.  We couldn’t have achieved the Homecare Elite ranking without our dedicated clinicians who put patient service first.  The entire home health care staff was integral to helping us achieve this goal with their commitment to providing excellent service and team work.  Keep up the good work!