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Home Health Disciplines

Recovering from an illness or hospital stay involves taking small steps forward each day on a journey toward full recovery.

The AT Home Care Home Team

Our interdisciplinary Care Team is comprised of an expert panel of healthcare professionals from your own community. This includes Clinical Managers; Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses; Medical Social Workers; Certified Nursing Assistants; Home Health Aides; and Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists. In addition, our agencies work with a Medical Director who aids in evaluating the care we provide and making recommendations for improvement. Our team works closely with your Physician(s) to create a care plan that addresses your clinical and recovery requirements and adheres to your wants and needs. Our team reviews and revises your plan of care on an ongoing basis so that it always addresses your concerns. You will always have a copy of your current plan of care while you are with us.

Our Care Team is rigorously trained and selectively chosen. All employees have passed background checks and interviews, participate in ongoing quality reviews and training, and collectively bring to bear several decades of experience providing care in home health. We are confident that our team not only offers top-notch clinical expertise and care, but also a sterling character and a reputation that you can trust.

AT Home Care offers many services, including these and more:

Skilled Nursing (RN, LPN/LVN)

  • Our nursing team will formulate a custom care plan to suit your goals and needs of care; assist with medication management; and consult with your physician for medication changes that may be necessary.  In addition, our nursing team is equipped to help you with any wound care needs and other specialty treatments that may be necessary to properly care for you in the home setting

Therapy (Physical, Speech, Occupational)

  • Our specially trained therapists can help you get back to the regular routines you enjoyed prior to injury, illness, or surgery.  Physical Therapy can demonstrate exercises that will help you grow stronger, recover faster, and maintain mobility.  Speech Therapy can help with adaptive breathing and swallowing techniques that may be needed during recovery from a surgical procedure or to help cope with a chronic condition such as COPD.  Occupational Therapy can help ensure that there are no trip hazards in the home, that your home setting is adapted to your unique safety requirements, and assist with redeveloping motor skills following a stroke.

Fall Prevention & Safety Evaluation

  • Our dedicated team will thoroughly assess your home setting for safety and make recommendations to ensure you consider extra precautions to prevent falls or injury.

Medical Social Services & Counseling

  • Medical Social Workers can help you navigate programs and resources in your community that may be able to assist you and your unique needs.  Additionally, social workers can help explain any necessary paperwork that may need to be reviewed and provide counseling to patients and families who are adapting to a new normal after the result of an injury, illness, or live changing medical procedure.

Case Management and Team Meetings

  • Our interdisciplinary teams meet regularly to discuss each patient’s unique circumstances, progress toward goals, and how the various disciplines can collaborate to help patients live their best lives.

Daily Assistance

  • Home Health Care can help with daily assistance needs such as medication reminders and medication compliance, blood pressure checks, diabetes management, and other wellness programs to ensure patients are adapting well in their home environment.  While our team may not be present daily, the skills, technics, and supplies that we can provide make daily assistance needs manageable and easy to follow.

Home Health Aide Services

  • Home Health Aides are a critical component of the care team.  They can help with tasks such as bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, and much more. 

Patient/Family Education & Training

  • Training and education are critical to a successful recovery or adapting well to a new normal of living.  Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our patients and their family/caregivers are equipped with the knowledge needed to safely and effectively maintain a quality standard of living in the home environment.


  • Video visits may help at times where last-minute sessions or consultation with additional care team members may be necessary. We will work with you to determine when video visits play a role in the delivery of your care.

Infusion Therapy

  • IV Infusion Therapy is available in some markets.  This is determined on a case-by-case basis.  To learn more about infusion therapy in your market, please contact us to learn more.

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

  • We are equipped to help patients and caregivers who do not speak English.  Please contact us and we will work with a translation service provider to assist with your unique needs.

Post-Acute Care, Medication Reconciliation and Administration

  • Our medication adherence program takes the complexities out of managing medications in the home environment.  Ask one of our representatives how we can help you with our meds-to-home program—Continued Care Rx.

Wound Care

  • Our nurses are specially trained to facilitate wound care treatment in the home setting.  A wound assessment will determine the course of treatment that may be necessary.  Wound care consists of cleansing, dressing, debridement, compression, and overall wound therapy to ensure proper healing and prevent complications.

Symptom and Pain Management

  • The care team will collaborate to ensure that you are comfortable and well-managed. Medication management plays an important role in the palliation of comfort measures. The care team will also observe and make recommendations, as necessary, to promote positive lifestyle changes, complementary and alternative therapy options, and other goals of care to achieve a pain-free quality of life.

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