Day: August 25, 2015

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How is Volunteering Beneficial for Seniors?

For many seniors retirement brings about mixed feelings—happiness for no longer being required to work, but restlessness about how to spend free time. Volunteering is an excellent way for seniors to occupy their spare time, while gaining a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Studies suggest that outreach activities influence a person’s social, emotional, and even physical well-being. Data also shows that one in five retired seniors believe that volunteering is the single most valuable thing that they do with their free time. The truth is that seniors have diverse skill sets and wisdom to offer as volunteers. They bring to…
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Why is Advance Care Planning Important?

Advance care planning is the process of making important decisions about the care a person would like to receive in the event he or she can not speak for themselves. Many people put this off because it is a distressing topic to think about in advance. Other people simply think they’re too young or too healthy to be creating an advance care plan. However, a person of any age, in good health, can be faced with a crisis that takes their ability to make their own healthcare choices. These decisions are fundamental for seniors, especially those who have not solidified…