AT Home Care Sponsors Kids at Basketball Games

VCU basketball is always exciting.  Sitting so close to the court and watching those guys rebound and
hustle before your eyes is thrilling for any fan, let alone a 13 year old kid.  Getting more kids who normally
wouldn’t be able to see a game due to financial situations and lack of transportation was the goal behind
VCU’s RAY program, of which AT Home Care is the leading sponsor this year.  The program provides
free tickets to underprivileged kids who are part of various programs in the Richmond Metropolitan area.

“Getting kids to appreciate sports is the first step in getting them to play them”, says Ed Kassab,
who himself has coached basketball for young kids for over 5 years.  Ed, the president of the home care agency
is a huge fan of VCU and rarely misses a home game.  Team sports teach a child so much in terms of
cooperation and discipline which can carry over into their everyday lives.  “We hope that this small opportunity to
watch some local athletes  excel in their game will raise their interest and motivation to get involved in
a sport…whether it be basketball, track or any other sport.  The more they are involved in practice, the less time they
have to get into trouble”.  It’s a win- win situation for the kids and the organizations that support them.  It so rewarding to
see the excitement on their faces at a game.

In home health care, we at AT Home Care focus on the elderly and disabled, but the RAY Program gives us an opportunity to focus on giving back to the youth of Richmond.  Go Rams!

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