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Employee Benefits Outstanding at AT Home Care

Due to the nature of our industry, our home care clinicians are on the road most of the day visiting patients and driving to our other AT Home Care offices. We began leasing vehicles for our full time employees almost 3 years ago but have wanted to expand and upgrade our fleet as a part of our employee benefits package. In December, we were finally able to make it a reality! After a lot of research, we chose the Chevrolet Aveos both for their mileage and technology (specifically the OnStar navigation). In keeping with our commitment to environmental stewardship, Ed Kassab, CEO has invested in a Carbon Offset program with Terrapass, a national conservation credit company to further reduce the carbon footprint of these vehicles. As part of the employee benefits package, we include all gas and insurance expenditures for every one of our leased vehicles. Employees seem genuinely impressed with the new cars as well as our effort to reduce green house gases. We’re excited for the opportunities this will bring to everyone under the umbrella of AT Home Care. Now if only gas prices would stay low!”

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