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How is Volunteering Beneficial for Seniors?

For many seniors retirement brings about mixed feelings—happiness for no longer being required to work, but restlessness about how to spend free time. Volunteering is an excellent way for seniors to occupy their spare time, while gaining a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Studies suggest that outreach activities influence a person’s social, emotional, and even physical well-being. Data also shows that one in five retired seniors believe that volunteering is the single most valuable thing that they do with their free time. The truth is that seniors have diverse skill sets and wisdom to offer as volunteers. They bring to the table a generation of life experience that is beneficial to others. Every senior has their own reasons for volunteering their time, and the impacts of doing so are diverse from person to person. However, every senior gains some common benefits from volunteering. Here are some of advantages of volunteering…
  • Volunteering bridges generation gaps…Seniors who volunteer are in a unique position to influence and support younger generations.
  • Reflects positively on the senior community…Seniors who volunteer present themselves as an active, caring and involved member of the community.
  • Promotes mental health…Seniors who volunteer may be less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, as well as decrease their risk of feeling isolated or depressed.
  • Keeps the body active…Seniors who volunteer are more active in mind and body, which contributes to improved longevity and an overall better feeling of self.
You’ll be pleased to know that it’s likely your community has hundreds of ways in which you can offer your time. Whether you’re interested in working with youths in a mentoring or tutoring capacity, providing college graduates career help, or offering companionship and care to home-bound seniors, there are many ways to become involved. Places to start when seeking out volunteer opportunities are non-profit groups, churches, shelters, schools and health care facilities. For assistance in locating volunteer opportunities in our area, contact AT Home Care today.

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