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DIY Healthcare

Over the years, healthcare has evolved from a facility-based, face-to-face, paper-centric industry to one where patients can track and monitor health conditions electronically in the comfort of their homes. The emergence of home health care has impacted the convenience of aging in place, but technology has played a role as well. Some of these new health care alternatives are referred to as do-it-yourself healthcare. DIY healthcare is simply defined as a type of self-care. It involves the use of patient-directed technologies that enable a person the ability to manage their health without direct assistance from a doctor. These tools are the foundation for connecting continuum care to the home. Although nothing supersedes contact with a human hand, healthcare leaders and researchers foresee that new tools and devices will eventually be equipped to function similar to a caregiver or doctor. These technologies are truly transforming the way Americans receive care on a daily basis. So what are these industry-changing technologies? There are a variety of mobile apps being developed, and they’re getting a warm welcome from patients and physicians alike. These technologies are providing patients with real-time data and access to their medical records, as well as numerous other health and wellness tracking tools. Through an easy to use interface, they can track all components of health including diet, exercise, medications and even vital signs. Medical devices are an important element to DIY healthcare. From being able to remotely monitor various aspects of a patient’s health to acting as an alert system in case of emergency, devices provide those who age in place peace of mind. Systems can be linked to emergency response teams or to medical providers. There is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to setting up devices to specifically monitor elements of a patient’s health. Did you know… …slightly over ½ of all doctors are comfortable with mobile apps and devices that monitor vitals? …86% of doctors think mobile apps will become a critical component to managing patient’s health information? …of those patients who use mobile apps, over ½ said the technology has replaced some unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office? …nearly ½ of all people believe DIY healthcare technologies will change the way they monitor their health over the next several years?

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